It is a legal requirement that every child attends school. Regular attendance ensures your child can build relationships and make progress both academically and socially. You are required to notify the school and provide an explanation if your child is absent. You can send an SMS, an email or call the school office. A medical certificate may be required to explain prolonged absences. Holidays during term time will only be authorised in extenuating circumstances. A request should be made in writing to the Principal.

When a student's attendance falls below 90%, the school is required to investigate the matter and develop a plan, in consultation with the family to restore regular attendance. Developing the habit of going to school every day is vital so that children do not miss out on important ideas and skills they need for future learning. Missing a day each week adds up to over two and a half years missed by the end of their schooling.

Arriving on time is important for your child too as being late can be disruptive for your child and others, and impact negatively on their readiness to learn. Any students arriving after 8.30am must attend the office to collect a late pass.

Students at school are in our care and are our responsibility during school hours, including breaks. Students are not permitted to leave school grounds. If parents wish to collect their child during school hours, they need to attend the office to sign students out.