Student Wellbeing

Our aim is to promote an inclusive, accepting and resilient learning community where every child, family and staff member can feel safe and supported. Our commitment to building positive relationships and raising outcomes for our students is at the heart of all that we do. We care for all and are dedicated to continually developing a 'high care' culture that responds to the needs of students and their families. 

We recognise that our children's basic needs must be met before they can learn deeply and we hold student health and wellbeing at the heart of our practices. Ensuring all students develop a sense of belonging is strengthened by a number of key whole school approaches including Zones of Regulation, Protective Behaviours and a specific social and emotional learning program.

Our school psychologist is available to support with student wellbeing as well as special referrals. Children with learning, behavioural or social/emotional difficulties may, with parent consent, be assessed by the school psychologist. Parents will be fully informed and involved at all times. The school psychologist does not provide a counselling service but may refer families to outside agencies. 

Our friendly school chaplain is available on Mondays and Wednesdays to support students and their families and help to enhance wellbeing in our school community. Please see office staff for more information.

Our school nurse conducts vision, hearing and health assessments for children in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary. However, if you have specific concerns, you may request that the nurse assesses your child. In all cases, parents will be advised of any issues or if further investigation is required. The school nurse visits the school on request.