Our Logo Story

The Madora Bay Primary School brand is built around a strong stylised 'M' which is designed from two different fonts. The transformation in the design moves from a traditional font to a modern letter style which represents the coming together of the established community and emerging new families of Madora Bay. This blended letter is a reflection of the history, but also a way forward to a bright new community who are coming together to learn and grow.

The three waves moving through the 'M' symbolise our students, families and staff who are all integral parts of our school; together they are interwoven in all that we do.

Importantly, our students are illustrated by the middle wave, connected to the surrounding environment, and are the centre of our school; nurtured, guided and protected by our staff and families. 

The bright golden arcs of the sun, along with the fresh coastal colours represent the warm and vibrant energy that is treasured by our community and the place in which our children will thrive.

The design radiates outwards, illustrating that our students learn, grow and shine in our care where Madora Bay Primary School becomes "Our place to be'.