Learning With Us

We recognise that passionate and engaging educators make a significant positive difference to outcomes for students and in harnessing a school culture of excellence. We carefully select the most dedicated, skilled and progressive teachers and support staff who are committed to working as part of a dynamic team to ensure all our children gain the skills and attributes to fulfil their life aspirations.

To ensure excellence in teaching and learning we will:

  • Implement a High Impact Instruction Framework across the school enabling every student to engage meaningfully with the curriculum and make ongoing progress.
  • Implement evidence-based approaches to teaching fundamental curriculum areas including reading, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, spelling, oral language and mathematics.
  • Implement high quality Early Years Education practices aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standard.
  • Purposefully embed Digital Technologies throughout the curriculum to enhance learning experiences.
  • Develop strong assessment practices to track student progress and make data-informed decisions about teaching.
  • Embed a framework for classroom observations, enabling all teachers to reflect on, refine and enhance their own practice.
  • Work collaboratively with a shared and relentless focus on student progress, taking collective responsibility for all of our students.
  • Support continuous improvement through high quality professional learning and coaching for all staff.