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Enrolment decisions in public schools are made according to criteria based on age, residential location, visa status and educational needs. As a local intake school, Madora Bay Primary School prioritises the enrolment of children who reside within the local intake area. As a new school, Madora Bay Primary School must plan ahead to ensure that there will be sufficient accommodation in the future for local area enrolments.

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A birth certificate and proof of address must accompany the Application for Enrolment form. If applicable, you should also supply copies of Family Court or any other court orders, information relating to medical conditions, disability or additional needs and evidence of visa subclass, if your child is not a permanent resident of Australia. You will also be required to present your child’s immunisation record to finalise the enrolment.

Please note, submitting an Application for Enrolment does not guarantee you will receive a place at the school. The school will notify you in writing of the outcome of your application.

Complete the Application for Enrolment form here

Completed applications can be submitted electronically to MadoraBay.PS@education.wa.edu.au or mailed or delivered in person to:

Samantha Benn - Principal
Madora Bay Primary School 
60 Huntington Street, Madora Bay, 6210